Sunday, 24 January 2010

And now the weather, with Fairy Hands.

I have a slight obsession with weather presenters. I think that it stems from the idea that these normal looking (well, maybe not all of them are normal looking - read the delectable Becky Heald née Mantin) are to be found in front of a map at all times, another of my passions. By the way, imagine having a map behind you wherever you roam. That would be fantastic, as long as it was the BBC map and not the laughable crayon drawings that lurk behind Sian Lloyd and co. over at ITV.

I often have a compulsion to greet the weather man/woman when they appear on my gogglebox. "Hiya Jay", I shout at Jay Wynne as he strides in from stage right after Newsnight like a gameshow host. "Evening Helen", I bellow at the perpetually pregnant Helen Willets as I settle down to her reassuring forecast.

I have come to realise recently that I have only ever enjoyed the skills of one non-BBC presenter, the aforementioned Becky Heald. She is a delight, with perfect teeth and hair and hands that swoosh across the map with effortless poise. I spotted Becky when she was a fledgling on my local ITV news. I knew she was destined for the top and indeed can now be seen on the national weather. It is such a shame that she is on ITV, but I understand that she isn't a trained meteorologist and therefore cannot be on the Beeb.

I have decided to list my top 5 weather presenters in this blog post.  Compiling my dream team of weather forecasters is a tricky task, and does include Mantin purely for sentimental reasons. I have discounted Bill Giles and Michael Fish - too old school - as well as the BBC Look East weather girl Julie Reinger due to her annoying haircut.

1.  Daniel Corbett.

The high priest of weather and a true pro.  Corbett has panache and flair in abundance, with a unique way of gesturing towards the map which led to me nicknaming him 'Fairy Hands'.  In Armando Iannucci's show Tim Trumpet, he is depicted as scattering magical dust across the map.  Corbett even has his own fanblog, named after his catchphrase - That's The Weather, for Now.  Here's a video of Dan giving a typical forecast:

2. Becky Heald.

Heald should be an international superstar.  She's also much better than Anglia's other alumni like Becky Jago and Wendy Hurrell.

The punk rocker of weather presenters.  I have enjoyed Rob's style since I was a youngster, and he always seems to put a bit of thought into making his segments interesting.  This seems effortless to me and I salute him.

Always chirpy, but never annoyingly so.  This guy is someone who I'd like to go for a pint with.  He tries to include references to the football, and keeps things snappy and at a nice pace.  A newcomer but destined for great things.  Winner!

5.  Arthur the Haitian Weatherman.

I love this weather presenter purely because of this popular video:

I hope he is OK after the recent earthquake.  Incidentally, you can donate to the earthquake appeal at the top of this blog.  DO IT!

So, there we have it.  I sometimes wonder whether this interest in weather presenters makes me odd.  It most probably does.

And that's all the blogging, for now......................

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