Sunday, 17 January 2010

Children of Men

I am watching the 2006 chuckle-fest Children of Men.

I have seen it before, but had forgotten quite how compelling it is.  I love the washed out colour and how realistic it seems.  It could be our future.  The scene in which the car that Clive Owen's character is in gets ambushed in a forest by some nutters with burning cars and an armed motorcyclist is truly terrifying.

The best thing about it is the sound.  Gunfire and explosions really cut through you.  I really enjoy films with good sound engineering (soundography?).  I don't really know why.  It an aspect of cinema that one often takes for granted.

A particular movie which had stunning sound was Brick:

There is a specific scene in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt is punched whilst running through a 
school. I recommend you to see this movie for that moment alone (the rest of it is pretty 
good too, especially if you appreciate a good film noir)

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