Saturday, 30 January 2010

How can a toilet deal with so much cake?

Hello you.  Yes you.  Check this out.

I am hoping this will become a huge craze this year.  It is a bit old (I first saw it back in those heady days of 2k7).  Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright were doing their Hot Fuzz promotional tour of the States.  It was Frost's birthday and he kept getting cakes from people.  They couldn't handle all the cake thrust upon them and they couldn't take it between states, so they decided to flush them down their hotel room toilets.  I cried tears of laughter when I saw these videos back then.  I hope you like them too:

I especially like the "vein of mousse" line.

Best line: "Plop one".

Highlight for me: "It's so soft though, we might as well kill it".

Jimmy Kimmel - who I have to be honest means not much to me - even got in on the act (embedding disabled by the net fascististas apparently):

For my birthday this year I am considering having two cakes, one to eat and one to flush down the bloomin' toilet, yeah?  Join me and start the revolution.

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