Friday, 15 January 2010

Some funny blogsz that I am a fan of

For larfs, I like the following blogs best:

The grand-master of humorous blogs.  I assume that everyone knows about this.  It is so popular that the word "fail" in the correct context seems to have creeped into common lexicon.  A Match of the Day commentator even used it last year.  I don't even know why I'm telling you this because everyone knows about it.  I predict that "Dave" Cameron will use it in the upcoming election.  In fact, he probably has done already.  Gah.

People jumping into the back/foreground of photographs.  This post shows a master at work.  I think she is my dream gal.

A new entry this one.  A woman who notes down her husband's sleep talking, e.g. "Butter... nut... squash. I like those words." Mad props to Tim from @diginate for educating me about this.

Stupid things people post/say on Facebook.  Lamebook is probably the more well established, but  Failbooking has some gems sometimes.

Photographs of people/families in odd or awkward poses.  Always worth a look.

Fabulous videos of terrible shows.

Yes, he is my friend... but Tim, the man behind Custom Skins and Diginate, has a knack for delivering consistently funny "updates" about life in the cut and thrust world of printing.  He also posts useful updates about how best to order stickers and stuff.

I have compiled a little recommended list of blogs and things that I like to follow on my Google Reader.  I may have missed some (e.g. sleeptalkinman).  Take a peek at my shared items to see the stuff that catches my peeper.

Let me know your own faves yeah?

Happy browsing!

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