Tuesday, 26 January 2010


I work in the health sector, and googled Guy's Hospital today.  My search resulted in the following review by someone who has obviously sat in the ever soothing environs of hospitals on numerous occasions:

"Perfect place to relax and take your mind off a sore mouth.  Overall, excellent."

First of all, I doubt that this really is the "perfect place to relax" if your mouth is sore.  Secondly, I am amazed by the idea that this person has actually taken the time to write that review, which offers nothing of use.  At all.

Meanwhile, over on the annoyingly addictive Daily Mail website, some intrepid reporters have been watching 'vuh telleh'.  Apparently, blank faced Amanda Holden was a guest on ITV1's This Morning and was "momentarily lost for words" when they showed a clip of her appearance as a 19 year old on Blind Date.

I don't really understand how this could be, considering I (along with millions of others) have seen this clip numerous times on various cheap clip shows.  I laugh like a drain every time I see it.  "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA.  Look at her!  She looks like a normal person on an early nineties game show!  What a kraken!"  She really shouldn't be embarrassed by it, and it really does annoy me that anyone could react to it in the way Holden did.

The main thing that got me about this story was the way it scrutinised the gap in her teeth (which to me is hardly noticeable).  The next sentence is perhaps one of the most important pieces of journalism I have ever read:

"One theory is that Miss Holden's growing wisdom teeth may have pushed her front pair closer together, closing the gap."

Wow.  It may not be the theory of relativity, but it certainly has the potential to change the world as we know it.

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