Monday, 29 March 2010

Seinfeld Clip of the Day - George Becomes a Hand Model

A lot of people approach Seinfeld in a similar way to how I did.  The first few episodes left me slightly dissatisfied.  I couldn't warm to Jerry, and felt I had to as his name was the show's name.  Then I began to get it. Jerry Seinfeld is the perfect comic creation for the lead in such a show as he isn't overbearing, and isn't necessarily likeable.  He is the ideal vessel for stories to develop through and his consistently clever and smart comments are always on the button.  Essentially, we would all like to be Jerry.  He has it all.

As I watched more and more of the show, two characters really started to stand out.  I liked George for his angry moments and the misfortunes that regularly beset him, but Kramer and his crazy schemes was the one I really took to.  He still is one of my favourite characters in Seinfeld, but after about Season 3, George came into his own and I understood that he is the true star and driving force behind so may of the stories.  Seinfeld is about George Costanza, and so today I present one of my favourite scenes involving George.

In Season 5, Episode 2 - The Puffy Shirt - George gets spotted by a model scout after he bumps into her.  She takes one look at his hands and signs him up on the spot.  This clip sees his Mother and Father (Estelle and Frank) bickering as usual over George's new found success:

Frank is one of the best regular characters outside of the 4 mains.  He is played by Jerry Stiller, father of Ben.

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