Thursday, 11 March 2010

Street View goes nuts

Google Street View (part of the marvellous Google Maps) was, until recently, only viewable for major cities and the Norfolk Broads.  Most people are aware of it due to scare stories when it was launched in the UK a year or so ago over privacy issues, which continue to this day.

For any luddites out there in webnet land, it essentially allows users of Google Maps to zoom into a street of their choice and have a look at what said road looks like (from pictures taken from Google's intrepid fleet of camera cars).  You can click along the road as if you were sitting in the car and drag the images around in a fully interactive manner.  It really is a wonder of the internet.  I have been finding it very useful, for example, for househunting.

Today, Street View rolled out on a grand scale.  Until now, patches around London, Birmingham etc. would be the only parts of Blighty to turn "Street View Blue" when you hovered the little yellow man over the map.  Now the entire country becomes available to us to snoop and browse.  Zoom out a bit more and you will see that the same is the case for the US and a large swathe of the developed world, including the Australian Outback.

Here are my highlights of new and expanded Street View:



Minnesota, USA.

Morecambe, UK.

Isn't it beautiful.

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