Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Seinfeld Clip of the Day - Frank and Kramer Play Pool

Cosmo Kramer and Frank Costanza are two of the more bizarre characters in the Seinfeld universe, and their relationship is encapsulated in this scene from Season 7, Episode 17 - The Doll.

Kramer often enters into scams and deals with George and Jerry's respective fathers and is generally very friendly with them, which always strikes me as odd.  In this episode, Frank has converted George's old bedroom into a billiard room.  The room is just that little bit too small, which is demonstrated when Kramer and Frank have a game of pool and some marvellous slapstick ensues.

The scene is quite delightful and surreal.  I particularly enjoy the lack of music.  When I was young, my parents bought myself and my brother a pool table.  Our pool room wasn't quite as tight for space as Frank's, but seeing them struggle to make certain shots does make me nostalgic for the hours I spent at the baize as a lad.

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