Sunday, 11 April 2010

Seinfeld Clip of the Day - George Saves a Whale

Seinfeld often features magnificent monologues with characters using outlandish and archaic language and turns of phrase (see my first "Seinfeld Clip of the Day" entry with Kramer's speech to Jerry about family).  This is a prime example from Season 5, Episode 14 - The Marine Biologist.

To bring you up to speed, George has begun to see a girl who he and Jerry were infatuated with at college after Jerry had bumped into her and told her that George was a marine biologist.  George is in fact unemployed, yet continues the charade to impress her despite his annoyance at Jerry's failure to paint George as an architect - his favoured false occupation.  Meanwhile, Kramer has been visiting the beach to drive golf balls into the sea...

Jerry Seinfeld apparently counts this episode as one of his favourites.  I agree with him.  The pace of the episode is perfect, as is the way strands of the story knit together to this conclusion.  It is one of the finest final scenes to any episode of a television programme I have ever seen.  I love the Jason Alexander's delivery, the other cast members' facial expressions and the audience's clear delight at the sight of the golf ball.  But above all else, Kramer's "hole in one" line is sheer genius.

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