Thursday, 20 May 2010

Eastbourne Knows How to Party

I have been staying in Eastbourne on a work trip since Tuesday. It has the nickname "God's Waiting-Room" due to its popularity with the elderly as a place to retire to or holiday in. I can exclusively confirm that this is true, judging by my hotel.

Highlights include:

- listening to competitive discussions about how many friends and family had passed away.
- the leaflet advertising the visit of a lookalike of the Queen being a "royal visit in February 2011". Her diary must be very busy.
- the singer/comedian telling a long winded Viagra joke to the joy of the pensioners in the crowd, before launching into an upbeat rendition of "Up on the Roof" and ending with "Hey Baby".
- chilling with my homie John Sargent at lunch.
- hearing an old lady singing "Are You Lonesome Tonight" very loudly outside my room.
- the picture in my room being hung upside down on the wall:

- the buffet lunch, including flowers in the salad and large slabs of Spam.
- signs in the town for "local shops" - very Royston Vasey.

Plus much, much more.

Let's hear it for Eastbourne, the UK's top rated holiday destination!

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