Monday, 3 May 2010

Star Street

Comedy hero Graham Linehan's blog Why, That's Delightful is an excellent source of funnies and insightful comment.  I was having a look this evening, and he recently posted a picture of a Stephen Fry lookalike from an agency called Fake Faces.

Fry, unwinding

I too share Linehan's fascination with this breed of entertainers.  I distinctly remember seeing a terrible lookalike of Piers Brosnan appearing on some daytime show when Brosnan's first James Bond movie had been released.  I was confused by the way that people were accepting him as a good lookalike when he was just some bloke with dark hair that had some designer stubble.

Here are some more of my favourites from Fake Faces and Splitting Images:

Renowned TV Chef Brian Turner

Best bit: Not many people will know who Brian Turner is.  Very specialist.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, at home
Best bit: Michael's tie, and the proximity of the camera to the happy couple.

"Gorgeous" George Galloway

Best bit: The photo being taken in his bedroom, which appears to be extremely purple.  Very UKIP.

The dynamic Sir Alex Ferguson
Best bit: The quality of the photograph.  Give him credit though, he has the suit down to a tee.

Hollywood's Morgan Freeman
Best bit: Pebble-dash and roll neck combo.

International Super-Villain and frequenter of bedsit parties, Dr. Evil
Best bit: He may very well be Chinese, and this looks like it was taken at a fancy dress party where some drunk people persuaded him to ditch his day-job to become a lookalike.

England football legend David Seaman

Best bit: The moustache.

Kevin Spacey, actor

Best bit: Sideburns.

and finally, my favourite so far...

Zany Robin Williams


I could go on, as there seems to be a very large amount of these lookalikes out there.  I do worry for these people if it is their only income.  I just can't see much of a demand for the Gary Glitter lookalike these days.

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