Sunday, 9 May 2010

What is Kay Burley?

I rarely watch Sky News.  Any channel that freely refers to Fox News as its "sister station" is just not for me.  Consequently, I have rarely seen Kay Burley anchoring live and in a way I feel that I'm missing out on something by doing this this.  Judging by the drivel I have seen her chat on Youtube, she seems like an idiot.

She has made Peter Andre cry:

Adopted the argumentative tactics of a child:

and yesterday seemed to fail to understand the concept of people demonstrating for a cause rather than against one.  She belittled a very polite gentleman  who was taking part in a protest in London where thousands of people marched for electoral reform, and kept bellowing that the electorate had actually voted for a hung parliament:

To many people's joy and satisfaction, Burley later became the target of the protesters at the rally as some vocal members of the crowd repeatedly shouted "sack Kay Burley, watch the BBC":

This elections has made me see Rupert Murdoch's media empire in its true light.  I believe in free press and reporting sans agenda and manipulation of the public, and Sky and the Sun have behaved in a pretty shoddy manner.

Now, what time is the footy on Sky today?  Oh.... damn.


  1. I've never watched Sky news, is this woman our Bill O'Reilly???

    She sounds like a bit of a twat.