Friday, 2 July 2010

Al Gore - Global Warming Prophet or Perverted Predator? YOU DECIDE

"I only want justice." Howled the masseuse accusing Al Gore (for the 3rd time after charges had been dropped twice before regarding the same incident in 2006) of sexual assault.

The Guardian reports that:

'she said she went to Gore's room at 11pm, and he welcomed her by inviting her to "call me Al" (with the Paul Simon song playing and Chevy Chase lurking in the background perhaps? - el_nacnud). She said it was apparent he had been drinking.'

'he "wrapped me in an inescapable embrace … and caressed my back and buttocks and breasts".'

'She went on to allege that he flipped her on her back on the hotel bed and lay on her, pinning her down. She told police she shouted at him: "Get off me, you big lummox!"'

'the woman called Gore a "pervert and sexual predator. He's not what people think he is – he's a sick man."'

Oh Al, you crazy cat.  Let's hope that this is an inconvenient un-truth!  Aahahahahahaha.

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