Thursday, 15 July 2010

Spelling, Punctuation and GRAMMAR

I blogged about Nick Clegg's Your Freedom website a while back.  Well I have just come across the Treasury's counterpart - Spending Challenge

I had a search for "smoking ban" and found these beautiful ideas - one earnest and the other scathing about the whole enterprise.

To Lift the Smoking Ban

by Shcwest55 on July 12, 2010 at 07:16PM
I would like to see the smoking ban lifted in pubs clubs and and some work places.
Tony Blair and and Gordon Brown along with the labour party are DICTATORS and belive that everyone need there backside's wiped. So hope fully now Dave and Nick running this country we can get rid of the Nanny State.
I know that smoking is meant to be bad for people but people have there own choice on how they live and what they do with there own body. You can advise as much as you like. like the old saying goes You can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink.
You say you want to get people spending money to help with the taxes that you collect.
Since the smoking ban came in the pubs and clubs in and around Basingstoke have gone down hill and alot of them have closed that is not good for the goverment as you dont get the taxes that you need so much.
They say that smoking causes cancer? it might do but tell me this 5 members of my wifes family died from cancer yet they did not smoke they did not drink and never went any where where people were smoking. work that one out !
Since the ban came in alot of my friends and other people that i know dont come out any more yet if they could smoke in the pubs they would come back. Blair and co said it was done to allow the no-smokers to go to the pubs but they never turned up. Even thoses that do come out into the garden and join there friends and very offten there are more people in the beer garden than there is in the pub its self.
There are a number of pubs in basingstoke that would welcome smoking back into there pubs and it could be done

How the idea could be implemented

How it could be done Simple
The same as Spain and that is to allow a licence for it to be a smoking pub but with proper smoke extractor fans in place
We are not all binge drinkers and that who we need back in the pub spending there money so that the pub landlords can make a profit so in the end pay more tax which in turn help with that bloody great loan that we have to pay back
And the last thing i need to say and that is there are two things in life that are guaranteed.
One is you are going to Die Two you are going to get taxed. You cant do any thing from dying but you can do some thing about your tax

Clearly someone too angry to worry about STUPID ENGLISH LANGUAGE CONVENTIONS.

Ban obnoxious ring tones

by jennybn on July 12, 2010 at 02:18PM
just tax them for having it, tax them high, tax them and chase them, pay for secret ppl to listen on tubes and coaches, adjust the radar detectors to listen out for spurious ring tones.
check all phone calls and email messages, they may be plotting to get new ring tones
stop everyone smoking and drinking, they're mainly the ones with bad ring tones.
ppl that drive and use petrol, they're bad ring tone abusers, stop them
tax mobile phones full stop, do it by weight, or colour, how big the screen is, make, model battery size!!!

ideas web site what a load of bollox.

How the idea could be implemented

all taxation implementation methods are wildly available and currently being abused by every piss taking government since the war, u already know how to tax everything!

Clearly SOMEONE TOO angry about everything in general.

Hooray for the great British public. 

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